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From stark white to natural white to ivory, white wedding dresses aren’t as straightforward as they seem. Ranging in a wide variety of shades, white wedding dresses from Martin Thornburg are sure to have a hue that would flatter your skin tone and make you look like the bride you’ve always dreamed of being. It’s the ultimate wedding dress color for a reason - browse white wedding dresses from Martin Thornburg below:

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With Love, to You

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Wistful Romance

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All Eyes On You. Impossibly romantic with unexpected details

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Create Your Own Spotlight

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Tradition with a Twist

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Dare To Captivate

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You're Timeless

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Someone’s In Love

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For The Love of Lace

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Part Ball Gown, Part Fairy Tale

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Cherish the Moment

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You're the One

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A Love Letter in Lace

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All Eyes On You

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Love Looks Good On You

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Surprise Them All

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It's All About You

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Main Character Energy

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Prepare to be seduced

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Luxury Is In the Details

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Truly, Madly, Deeply

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Made For Romance

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She Sparkles

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Modern Romanticism
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White Wedding Dresses from Martin Thornburg

Classic and timeless all at the same time, these white wedding dresses from Martin Thornburg do the traditional bridal color right. Interested in a bridal style that’s ultra-sexy and form-fitting? Opt for a white fit and flare wedding dress with a plunging v-neckline and low-scooped back to accentuate your flirty nature. Want a white wedding dress style that even the Duchess of Sussex would wear? Aim to try on a ball gown wedding dress with modern lace sleeves and a plunging sweetheart bodice to make your princess dreams come true. No matter what style you’re after, these white wedding dresses from Martin Thornburg utilize the classic color in such a way that keeps the traditional hue feeling fresh and modern.


What is the meaning of a white wedding dress?

A tradition that stems from the royalty of the 1800s in Great Britain, white wedding dresses were a symbol of affluence and wealth. This symbolism eventually evolved into purity and chastity in later years (especially in the American south) and signaled that the bride was ready to start a new life with her soon-to-be husband. Now, in modern day, white wedding dresses carry on the tradition but don’t hold as much symbolic weight for most brides-to-be. They’re refreshing and unique and definitely don’t hold as much stereotypical baggage as the color once did. Ultimately, modern white wedding dresses are emblematic of the beginning of your forever love story.


Choose a white wedding dress hue that will flatter your skin tone best: 

Honestly, a stark white wedding dress is kind of hard to pull off. With blue undertones and a bright sheen, stark white wedding dresses aren’t ideal for everybody because it’s easy to be washed out by the tone of the color. If you think a color that’s less bright and warmer would flatter you best, opt for an ivory white wedding dress to bring out your natural blush. Known as the eggshell color of the whites, ivory is an off-white shade that won’t totally wash you out if you’re super pale. Also, while this isn’t a classic white color, champagne wedding dresses are close enough in hue that you won’t be going against tradition if you choose this slightly different shade to wear on your wedding day.


There are limitless ways to design the color white - choose the one that fits you best and wear one of these white wedding dresses from Martin Thornburg as you say “I do” to forever.