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11 Must-See Fall Wedding Color Schemes That You'll Love

July 24, 2020


Start filling up your Pinterest boards ladies because, honestly, what else is there to do right now?


Fall is nearing so we thought we'd share with you some of our fave color schemes for the autumn season that aren't totally dreary. Whether you're taking this extra time to plan for your wedding that got postponed because of COVID-19 or just want to start Pinning for your dream wedding, these fall wedding schemes will get you amped up for your special day. 


1. Bright Mustard Yellow


Who says bright colors are only for summer? Rich mustard yellows are the perfect hue for brightening up your fall wedding without being too flashy about it. Plus, the hue is ultra-trendy right now, so you know your guests will appreciate your of-the-moment style. 


2. Evergreen


Ugh, we love this shade for fall weddings. Evergreen feels simultaneously cozy and elegant, so it's kind of the perfect match for an autumn ceremony. Pair this hue with cute peach accents or keep it regal with specks of gold throughout your event. 


3. Deep Blush


Let's get real - this is the sweetest color ever. A deep blush color scheme is basically like a warm hug for the eyes. I mean, imagine having a room full of floral arrangements like in the image above! We're already dreaming about it...


4. Pumpkin Orange

What screams fall more than pumpkin orange? If you're on the fence about the bright orange hue, we're here to tell you to embrace the bold. After all, you want your wedding to be something that your guests remember, right? Just look at the pumpkin orange table setting in the image above - a totally chic and unexpected wedding day option. 


5. Classic Navy and Gold

Truly the definition of modern elegance! We love this navy and gold color scheme for brides who are wanting to amp up the sophistication at their fall wedding. Plus, navy and gold are great neutrals so you can accent them with pretty much any color you want. 


6. Emerald and Peach

This color scheme makes us feel extra cute. Emerald and peach are the perfect match for the bride-to-be looking for a balance between rich and bright tones.


7. Lavender

In our opinion, lavender is one of the prettiest colors you can incorporate into a wedding. The hue is soft and totally romantic, so it will definitely ensure that your guests will be all up in their feels as soon as they lay eyes on your decor. 


8. Charcoal

A charcoal color scheme is for the couple that doesn't mind adding a little edge to their fall wedding day decor. And don't mistake this hue for jet black either - charcoal is a softer tone to the typical black shade so it tends to give off a warmer and cozier vibe. It's the perfect backdrop to your fall nuptials!


9. Berry

We honestly cannot get enough of fall weddings with berry color schemes! The pink, purple and red hues mesh perfectly together to form wedding day decor that completely emphasizes the romance of your special day. You'll stand out beautifully amongst the radiance of these berry colors. 


10. Rich red

It's all coming up roses with this divine color scheme. Red is the color of love, so if you want to get all lovey dovey on your wedding day, you should aim to incorporate lots of this color. Gah, we can already imagine the aisle overflowing with roses - so beautiful! 


11. Dark Purple

Last but certainly not least, we have dark purple. This color scheme is undeniably regal and will highlight your eye for elegance. Balance out the rich tone of this color with softer hues like sage green or ivory white if you don't want the dark purple to be your only focal point. 



Header image by Secret Garden.