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8 Ideas for Your Something Blue

June 04, 2021

For years, brides have been incorporating hints of blue into their wedding day for good luck. You’ve likely heard the old rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” as a checklist for wedding day items. While the tradition is old, there’s no reason it can’t get a modern update! Get inspired for your own something blue with a few of our favorite ideas today’s brides use for their wedding luck:





A fun, unexpected way to add a little blue, your shoes will just peek through for the perfect pop. This also lets you add some personality into your wedding day look with a unique shoe—you don’t necessarily have to stick to light blue, meaning your shoe choice can be as loud or subtle as you want.





Placing a few blue blooms into your wedding bouquet is a great way to not only set your bouquet apart from the bridesmaids, but adds some color into the arrangement that will look amazing in photos.





Set the tone for your wedding with a calming, classic blue right off the bat! This choice also lets you not worry about finding your something blue for the day of—it’s already taken care of. If you’re not crazy about a fully blue invitation, you could opt for hints of blue in your font for a more subdued look.


Denim Jacket



A fun trend we’re loving, some brides have been opting for one-of-a-kind custom denim jackets to wear over their dress for part of the reception. This gives you a laid-back look that contrasts your dress perfectly—especially great for brides having outdoor or barn weddings.


Custom Champagne



Order a custom, painted bottle of champagne to pop at the reception! Great for fun-loving couples, this kicks off the party with a bang (literally) and makes a lovely keepsake to remember your wedding by.





Not a huge fan of blue and looking for something barely noticeable? Embroider your initials or something meaningful into a handkerchief, a ribbon around your bouquet, or even the hem of your dress! No one but you and your fiancé will know, making it that much more special.


Table Settings



Who ever said your something blue had to be wearable? Incorporate it into your table settings through linens, china, glassware, flowers—the possibilities are endless! If you love the color blue, this gives you more than just a hint, and becomes a beautiful, central part of your decor.


Hair Accessories



Find a gorgeous blue comb or pin to tuck into your hair for the big day, giving your look an added sparkle and taking care of your something blue all in one. For boho brides, we think this is the perfect way to add a touch of blue to your look while maintaining your laid-back aesthetic.