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8 Ways to Create the Backyard Wedding of Your Dreams

September 18, 2020


It really doesn't get much sweeter than a backyard wedding. They're cozy, convenient, and totally budget-friendly. Plus, you won't have to worry about whether or not COVID-19 will shut your wedding venue down because it'll be on your own property! 


There are also endless creative possibilities when it comes to hosting your ceremony at a venue that you're all too familiar with - from unique floral arrangements to photo displays that truly represent who you are as a couple. Below - 8 ways to throw an unforgettable backyard wedding that's just as dreamy as a traditional ceremony. 


1. Establish your layout.


Ideally, there should be a designated space for arrivals, the ceremony and the reception. This will give your backyard a more established feel and guide your guests throughout the night. Place your ceremony in a statement area with a focal point - maybe in front of a beautiful tree that provides a natural arch or next to your blooming garden. The reception should be in an area that's both cozy and spacious so that you can create a romantic and inviting feel for your guests to celebrate in! This is also a great time to establish areas for hand sanitizing so that you can keep your wedding COVID-19-friendly.



2. Highlight local flora.


The great thing about hosting a backyard wedding is that you can incorporate local flora throughout your floral arrangements! This is a sweet way to include natural aspects of your city that your guests will certainly appreciate. The more personal your home wedding is, the better!



3. Keep it intimate with personal decor.


As we mentioned above, personal decor is key to making any backyard wedding feel that much more special. Use your own dishes and include photographs of you and yours throughout the ceremony (photo wall, anyone?). After all, there's no point in keeping everything uniform - the small, unique details will truly bring the entire wedding together for you and your guests.


4. Don't forget to make an entrance.


Just because you're having a backyard wedding doesn't mean you have to sacrifice making a grand entrance! If you have a wedding planner, discuss with them on how to create a setting that's worthy of your romantic love story. Whether you glide through a beautifully draped tent or step down a trail that's outlined by local flora, a grand entrance will go a long way to make your backyard ceremony feel all the more romantic.



5. Be aware of the sunset.


This probably isn't the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of what goes into planning a backyard wedding, but we're here to let you know that you definitely need to be aware of what time the sun sets the day of your ceremony. This information will come in handy when deciding what time your guests will arrive and what time your ceremony should start. You'll also be able to determine at what time certain areas of your event will need to be lit up. 


6. Include lawn games.


Nothing keeps guests entertained quite like lawn games! Designate certain areas to oversized jenga or classic cornhole. In order to stay COVID-19-friendly, provide clear instructions on where each household can play and who they can interact with. Make sure each game is at least 6 feet apart if multiple households will be at your event!


7. Create a dance floor.


Having a dance floor is something you and your partner should highly consider when planning your backyard wedding. This will designate an area for you to have your first dance as well as a space for people to come together when the band is playing. If you don't want everyone congregating to the dance floor due to COVID-19 concerns, having a specific place for you and yours to have your first dance is still a good idea because let's face it - heels don't do well on a lawn. 



8. Make sure to have a rain plan in place.


Last but definitely not least - have a rainy day plan prepared in case of emergency! The weather app isn't the most reliable, and trust us when we say you really don't want to have your wedding cancelled or ruined by a little bit of rain that you didn't see coming. You can coordinate with a rental business in order to have tents on deck just in case. We promise you won't regret taking this safety measure! 


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