A Stunning Micro Wedding in the Age of COVID-19 Mobile Image

A Stunning Micro Wedding in the Age of COVID-19

November 10, 2020

Bonding over their mutual love of art—Stephanie being a photographer, Dillon an illustrator—and uber-compatible sense of humor, Stephanie and Dillon couldn’t help but just “click” on their first date.


"I always told my childhood best friend: 'I need to find a guy that I can laugh and be stupid with like I can with you!' Dillon was that person. We can be so silly with each other. I’ll stop in the living room and embarrassingly try to twerk up against the wall just to make him laugh."

Bride and groom dancing together


They were head over heels for each other, and before Stephanie knew it, Dillon got down on one knee and proposed! But the road to married life wasn’t so simple. The plans for a wedding with 250+ guests was soon crushed by the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year.


“A big challenge for us was bringing our guest list down to 10. We didn’t even have step parents, [but] we knew that we didn’t want to wait any longer. Why wait when we had no clue what the future would look like with this virus?”






However, the drive to be together was stronger than the obstacles put in their way by the pandemic. Once Stephanie found her dream wedding dress—Martin Thornburg's, Moira—at Dream Dress Express in Lincoln, Nebraska, the broken pieces started to come together.


“My mom added my wedding dress at the last minute as the rack was going back—she said she just had a feeling about it. [When I first] looked at it on the rack, it didn’t scream me, but when I put it on, it was a completely different story. I pictured Dillon at the end of the aisle, and I just started bawling. I loved [my dress] and still do! I can’t wait to wear it again at our reception in May 2021.”


Stephanie and Dillon had a gorgeous micro wedding at an Air BnB with a romantic courtyard where they spent an intimate evening with their closest friends and family.


“We had 10 people sitting around a table talking, loving each other and [celebrating] us.”





Bride and groom walking upstairs



Butterflies started swirling when the couple had their first dance to I Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley.


“I loved Elvis growing up and so did many people in my family. There’s [also] a guitar part in the song that reminds us of our cats piercing meow, and every time we hear it, we think of our cat and laugh.”

Despite the bumpy road to marriage that Stephanie and Dillon had to navigate due to COVID-19, the couple was still able to have a beautiful ceremony where the main focus was on their love story.


“COVID-19 affected everything, [but] ultimately the day was about us and our love—not an orchestrated day that’s planned to impress other people. I’m glad we did it this way [where] it was focused on us and the people who shaped us into who we are.”


Cheers to Stephanie and Dillon!



Dress - Dream Dress Express
Dress Designer - Martin Thornburg, “Moira”
Photographers - Kory Kensett Photography & Marie Dufour Creative
Edited by - Stephanie Wheelock (Frenz)
Suits - StudioSuits
Cake - Marisa Fredrickson
Hair - Marisa Fredrickson
Makeup - Emerie Jones
Florals - The Flower Cellar
Earrings & hair clip - Noa Brides
Catering - Save the Date Catering