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Best Wedding Movies to Get You Excited About Your Big Day

September 23, 2021

Starting to get bogged down in planning and need a pick-me-up? Maybe just need a fun movie to put on while you and your Maid of Honor put together a few DIY projects for your wedding? Having a wine night with your girls? No matter what you’ve got going on, there’s no shortage of amazing wedding movies for you to watch that will get you excited about your own upcoming ceremony:




Okay, if you haven’t seen this 2011 classic, it needs to go right to the top of your list: with a star-studded cast full of some of Hollywood’s funniest women, this movie follows a woman and her best friend/Maid of Honor as they plan her wedding, from the engagement all the way to the wedding itself. The crew of bridesmaids are hilarious, making this film an instant classic that will be loved for years. 

Mamma Mia!



If you’re looking for a bit of a getaway vacation from your couch, the breathtaking Greek scenery of Mamma Mia! will fulfill all your wishes. Amanda Seyfried’s Sophie finds her single mother’s old diary, and invites all three men who might be her father to her wedding. With a soundtrack of hits from Abba and Meryl Streep playing the lead, this musical is fun, romantic, and heartfelt. 

Father of the Bride



If you’re close with your dad, this movie is guaranteed to make you cry. Based on a 1949 novel, the movie follows Steve Martin’s character as his daughter plans her wedding. A sweet ode to family and new relationships, this 90’s classic is sure to pull on your heart strings. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding



Following Greek-American Toula as she introduces fiance Ian to her huge, tight-knit Greek family, this movie is both romantic and hilarious. With no shortage of incredible one-liners from Toula’s family, this movie is a must-watch for fans of romantic comedies. 

27 Dresses



Another incredible rom com, this film features Katherine Heigl playing Jane, a woman who has been a bridesmaid 27 times. Jane’s love of all things wedding meets its match when she encounters writer Kevin, played by James Marsden, who would never attend another wedding in his life if he had the option. 

Meet the Parents



Starring Ben Stiller and Robert de Niro, this comedy is funny, but buckle up for an endless barrage of uncomfortable situations. After coming home to meet his fiance’s family, Greg Focker can’t seem to quit getting into hot water with her father. Funny and awkward, this movie is the perfect choice for girls night. 

Bride Wars



Best friends Kate Hudon and Anne Hathaway have both been dreaming of getting married at the Plaza since they were children. When the only open date available means they will have their weddings at the same time, splitting guests and friend groups, the two enter into a sabotage competition for the ages. 

Wedding Crashers



If you’re looking for humor over romance, look no further than wedding crashers: best friends Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn routinely crash weddings to pick up women, and find themselves deep in a wedding crash lie when one of them finally falls for a woman at the wedding.