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Change the Date Inspiration For When COVID-19 Crashes Your Wedding Plans

June 23, 2020


You're probably reading this blog right now because COVID-19 crashed your wedding plans, and you need some help on figuring out how to tell your guests that you're postponing your wedding. Don't stress - we've got you covered. From re-sending out invitations in the form of cookies to staging fun photoshoots with your significant other, we've curated some examples that might lend a hand on how to break the news to your loved ones. 



Nothing takes the edge off some bad news like a cute dog, right? This change the date pup is the perfect way to alert your guests about your postponement. Blast this in an email and throw it up on your Instagram if you've been making your wedding planning more public. Plus, a smiling puppy is pretty unforgettable, so you'll rest easy knowing that your guests received a memorable message. 



If getting your dog to pose for a picture is out of the question or you just don't have one, grab your significant other and a photographer (or trusted friend!) for a coronavirus-themed photoshoot! This couple played off the social distancing rules in such a way that let's their guests know they're approaching the current situation with a positive attitude. We've also seen other couples posing with toilet paper and Corona beers, so don't be afraid to get creative with it! We all need a little humor in our lives right now, anyway. 



This updated save the date illustration is also a great way to tell your guests about your change of plans if you're looking to play off your initial concept. Talk to the designer of your original cards about an updated version, and it's more than likely they'd be willing to work with you through this difficult time. Or if you're like this user, just re-design your own save the dates to be slightly more COVID-19 aware! 



What's more delicious than a save the date cake? A change the date cake! Just kidding, they probably taste the same, but it sure is a sweet way to show your guests that your wedding has been postponed. This updated save the date cake looks just as elegant as the original one, only with a difference in wording. Send this picture to your guests or even take a quick video of you and your partner cutting into the cake to make the announcement more personal! 



If sweets are on your mind but you don't want to invest in a fancy cake, opt for something like these bright coronavirus-themed cookies to show your guests that there's been a change of plans. Work with a local baker to bring your vision to life or take a stab at the challenge yourself - either way, your guests will appreciate the extra effort in making their change the date alerts extra personal (and deliciously edible). 


And remind yourself that this too shall pass, so take this moment step by step with your partner by your side! As long as you have each other, everything will come together in the end.