How to Know Which Wedding Dress is "The One" Mobile Image

How to Know Which Wedding Dress is "The One"

December 09, 2021

Most women dream of their wedding day for years—especially the dress. With TV shows about gown shopping and no shortage of wedding-centered rom coms, a lot of women have an expectation that they’ll have a huge “aha!” moment when they find the right dress, and while you might, it’s not always the case. If you’re not the type to have a big realization, here are some indications you’ve finally found the perfect dress:

You can picture yourself walking down the aisle in it. 


This is a major key—obviously, if you can’t picture yourself walking down the aisle in the dress, it’s not the dress. This is the first thing to consider. After all, it is for your wedding!

You’re not self-conscious. 


If you look in the mirror and immediately notice something you perceive as a flaw or are self-conscious about, it’s not the dress! You should feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day, and you want to find a dress that makes you feel that way. 

You wouldn’t care if someone in the group doesn’t love it. 


Most likely, you’ve brought along a few family members or friends to help you shop. One of the biggest keys when it comes to your dress? It’s your dress! If you’re wearing the dress and know that you don’t care what any of their opinions will be, it’s the one. 

You don’t want to try on other dresses. 


One of the big indicators? If you don’t want to take the dress off or can’t stop thinking about it, it’s the one. If you’re looking in the mirror and not thinking about the other dresses you’ve got lined up to try on, then you’re wearing your wedding dress!