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Jasmine and Brian: A Sentimental Juneteenth Wedding

October 07, 2021

Jasmine and Brian met through mutual friends while Brian was pursuing his Master of Business Administration at Penn State. After a few weeks of Brian chatting to a friend in class about the kind of woman he’d been dreaming of, the friend immediately knew: the woman Brian was looking for was Jasmine, Brian just hadn’t met her yet. After getting her number, Brian took a few days to finally give Jasmine a call—and after asking what took him so long to call, the two spent over an hour on the phone, and set up a date to meet in person. The date, obviously, went very well, as the two were married this past June in a gorgeous wedding ceremony filled with personal touches and sentimental details that were absolutely beautiful. 



Honoring one of the earliest African-American wedding traditions, the couple chose to jump the broom together, bringing attention not only to a long held cultural tradition in the US, but to the fact that it was a tradition started due to a lack of legal recognition and rights. The couple wanted to celebrate and honor this tradition while also marking their own special occasion, creating a deeply personal wedding ceremony.


Their Juneteenth wedding didn’t only have sentimental cultural significance, but the two included details in every aspect: their all-white flower arrangements were punctuated by a single red rose, honoring Jasmine’s sister, who passed away 12 years ago. “We wanted to incorporate her favorite flower and color to ensure she was included in one of our most cherished moments,” says Jasmine.


The flower for Jasmine’s sister was their only touch of color: everything else at the wedding was white, black, and gold, creating a stunning monotone color palette that looked absolutely breathtaking. The guests all wore black, while the bride and groom stood out in white. 



In addition to the color palette, Jasmine and Brian offered signature drinks for the reception, based off of how they met and their proposal. On their first date, Jasmine drank pineapple martinis, and spilled a few on the table—the pineapple martini reminds the two of the fun they had on their first date, laughing at Jasmine’s spilled drinks.


For the proposal drink, they offered an old fashioned, a reminder of the drink Brian had while Jasmine excitedly called all her friends and family to share the news after saying yes. Brian proposed over a glass of Prosecco, as the couple celebrated the purchase of their new home:

“While I was listening to Brian and soaking it all in, looking around the home and admiring what we recently accomplished together, Brian quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring. As soon as I turned around, I was staring at a beautiful engagement ring while Brian whispered, ‘Will you marry me?’ Overcome with joy and emotion, I was stunned as Brian stood up from his seat, walked over to my side of the room, bent down on one knee to make it official, and asked me again, ‘Will you marry me?’ While I ran through the house like an Olympic track star, while simultaneously calling my closest friends and family to share the good news, Brian sat patiently waiting for me while enjoying something a bit stronger than the Prosecco—a bourbon old-fashioned.”


The couple’s wedding day could not have been more carefully planned to reflect their values and personal love story more. From the date itself all the way down to the floral arrangements, Jasmine and Brian made sure to create a wedding day they’ll never forget. 


Jasmine and Brian, we are so excited for the two of you! May the rest of your marriage be as beautiful, meaningful, and loving as your wedding day. From all of us at Martin Thornburg, congratulations!



Photographer: Jamaal McKenzie

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Terrain Gardens at Devon Yards

Floral: Infiniti Floral Design

Wedding Cake: Sweets & Design

Photographer: Visuals by Jamaal McKenzie

DJ: DJ Equip

Hair: Res Hair Care

Makeup: Jamillah Vroue

Reception Dress Designer: Shop C’ERA