Let's Run Away: 7 Tips For How to Start Planning Your Stress-Free Destination Wedding Mobile Image

Let's Run Away: 7 Tips For How to Start Planning Your Stress-Free Destination Wedding

July 15, 2020


Whether you just got engaged and already began dreaming of romantic destinations to tie the knot at or COVID-19 has made you reconsider your large-scale event for something more intimate, deciding to plan for a destination wedding always feels daunting. While it may seem counterintuitive to start planning your destination wedding now due to all of the travel bans, we're here to let you know that there are steps you can take from the comfort of your couch that will ensure your ceremony overseas goes smoothly. 


1. Decide on your location. 


Ok, we know this step is a little obvious, but it's definitely the most important one! As soon as you and your partner decide that you want to venture out of your home for a destination wedding, start brainstorming locations that will match your wedding day dreams. Did you and your partner escape to Paris on your first anniversary as a couple? Or maybe you said "I love you" on the beaches in Miami...start with a list of places that acted as a backdrop to your one-of-a-kind romance and narrow down the list from there! 


2. Fill up those inspo boards.


Now's the time to start planning. Log on to your Pinterest account and begin filling up those inspo boards with wedding dresses you love, places you want to travel and wedding decor you may want to incorporate on your special day. Laying it all out in front of you will be a major help when describing your wedding day vision to a planner or venue coordinator. 


3. Alert your guests ASAP


Destination weddings are not for the procrastinators. You must get everything organized for your ceremony abroad much earlier than you normally would if you were just planning a wedding in your home state. This means you need to send out your save-the-dates at least 6 months in advance (with COVID-19 going on though, we recommend sending them out as early as a year before). This will give your guests ample time to plan their lives accordingly and begin to save money if they need to. It's also helpful for everyone to have a reference point for your ceremony, so make sure to update your wedding website with all of the travel details outlined so that everything is clear. 


4. Find a wedding planner.


A wedding planner that understands your vision and specializes in destination weddings is truly priceless when it comes to creating the ceremony of your dreams. Bonus points if they speak the same language as the country you're wanting to tie the knot in! However, if a destination wedding planner isn't in the budget, try to book a resort with a diligent on-site coordinator. 


5. Try to plan out a visit in advance.


We understand that this task is difficult at the moment due to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, but planning early for this step will give you an advantage in the long run. Seeing your wedding venue before you actually commit to it will be extremely helpful in the decision making process for you and your partner. Even if you are unable to view it now, try to go ahead and book plane tickets for early next year when (hopefully!) it will be safe to visit. 


6. Figure out what kind of wedding dress you'll need. 


Are you tying the knot along the beaches in France? Choose a wedding dress that features breathtable and flowy fabric like tulle or chiffon. Or maybe you're escaping to the mountains of Canada - if that's the case, opt for long sleeves and a thicker fabric like crepe or satin. Basically, what we're trying to say is - choose a wedding dress that will complement where your destination ceremony will be. 


7. Practice self-care. 


With travel up in the air right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's important to practice patience with yourself, your partner and the wedding industry. Now is a great time to get meticulous with the details of your event because you probably have a lot more time on your hands. Just remember to take it slow, breathe and know that your love story will come together in the end!