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Must-Know Spring 2021 Trends

April 26, 2021

Spring is officially upon us which means that we’re starting to see all of the lovely wedding day trends come into full bloom. From dreamy pastel color schemes that radiate soft romance to floral arrangements that conjure up fairytale vibes, spring weddings in 2021 are all about accentuating the beauty of modern love stories. 


Below—all the spring 2021 wedding trends to obsess over as you plan for your special day: 


You can't not obsess over the florals: 


You can’t talk about spring weddings without talking about all of the floral arrangements that go with them. With royal weddings taking center stage last year—looking at you Princess Beatrice—we’re seeing an influx of couples channel their creativity through the way in which they incorporate flowers on their wedding day. 


If you want to go for the maximum romantic effect, opt to make your exit under an arch that’s braided with in-season flowers like the one from Princess Beatrice’s wedding day. This is a great focal point that will easily “wow” your guests and make for a stunning backdrop to your wedding day photos. 



Obsessed with lavender? Achieve a complete sensory experience by featuring aromatic flowers like lavender throughout your wedding. Not only will this smell amazing, but the pastel lavender color captures the essence of the spring season as well. 



The last floral trend that we want to mention are floral chandeliers. If you’re not afraid to get a little boujee with your spring wedding, we totally recommend incorporating this striking centerpiece above your reception area. Just imagine how romantic dancing under a chandelier overflowing with in-season florals! Gah!


Bring on the lightweight apparel:


Spring can often mean warmer temperatures (or even all-out sweaty weather if you’re tying the knot in the south), so we recommend taking advantage of the sun and opting for lightweight outfits for your bridal party like jumpsuits or sundresses. This also adds a gorgeous, effortless feeling to your wedding with the airy fabrics and look of lighter clothing. 


Another idea we love? If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, choose something lighter for the men, too! Khaki-colored tuxedos or even linen suits look just as dapper as a traditional black, while keeping them cool and giving a unique, laid-back look that perfectly compliments an outdoor ceremony. 


Sooo many accessory opportunities: 


One of our favorite things about spring weddings are the accessory opportunities—from bright colors to incorporating your florals, there’s no shortage of fun ways to accessorize your bridal party. Floral boutonnieres on the groomsmen adds to the springtime feel, bringing your florals further into the big day. The warm weather also allows you to bring in bright pops of color, whether in your own accessories or by letting your bridesmaids choose unique, unexpected statement earrings to brighten the day even more. Find ways to incorporate pieces of your personal style into the day’s accessories to give a subtle touch of your own personality. 


Can't beat the weather: 


When planning, think about taking time to enjoy everyone’s favorite part of spring: the weather! More likely than not, the weather at your venue will stay moderate and warm—great for comfortably spending time outdoors. An outdoor ceremony perfectly takes advantage of the gorgeous weather (not to mention the freshly blooming flowers), giving you the perfect backdrop for your ceremony or reception. 


If you’re concerned about potential rain, find a vendor to bring tents for your dance floor—they not only provide shade, but give you an option if it starts raining so you don’t need to worry about fully relocating your venue last minute. 



Wicker accents are always charming: 


The warm weather gives you plenty of room to play with your decor. One way we love to incorporate unique details is with wicker—it gives a vintage flair and compliments the weather and season beautifully. Adding a few wicker chairs or wicker baskets for your flowers gives the perfect hint of sweet, effortless decor to your spring wedding. 


Make a sweet seasonal menu: 


With everything in bloom and plenty of fresh spring crops to choose from, you can create a seasonal menu to highlight the weather and have everyone in awe of your fresh food. Plenty of delicious vegetables peak in spring, from asparagus and green beans to peas and artichokes, meaning you have endless possibilities of combinations to choose from. 



You could even make a seasonal drink for your wedding if you choose! With fresh fruits like strawberries in peak season, offering a strawberry-infused drink (hello, strawberry lemonade!) at your wedding adds the perfect fresh touch. 


A wedding cake that's just as unique as the season: 


For your wedding cake, you can incorporate bright pastels and colors into the design for a pop of color. One way we love to do this is with edible flowers! Your guests will be amazed the entire blossoming cake is edible, and the decorations will be simple, easy to accomplish, and absolutely gorgeous. Especially if you’re going for a boho feel to your wedding, adding florals is perfect!



Tons of opportunities to recycle: 


Unsure about wedding favors and what to do with your flowers after the big day? Knock them both out at once and send your guests home with flowers! This way, guests can take home a sweet reminder of your special day after the celebration.