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Naming Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

July 13, 2022

Including a signature wedding cocktail in your ceremony’s bar menu is one of the easiest, sweetest, and most sentimental ways to add a personal touch to your special day. Whether you’re planning on serving delicious mocktails or setting your guests loose on a fully-stocked open bar, here are our favorite sources of inspiration for naming your custom drink:

Your Pet



For our couples with a four-legged family member, naming your signature cocktail after your pet is the perfect way to commemorate the first of many major commitments made together. This also symbolically includes your pets in your ceremony, even if they didn’t quite make it onto the guest list.

Your Honeymoon Location



We know you can’t stop dreaming about where you and your new spouse will be jetting off to after the formalities of your wedding, and you shouldn’t have to! Name your signature cocktail after your honeymoon destination, and share a sip of paradise with each of your loved ones. 

Where You Met



You’ve gushed about the moment you met your partner countless times, right? Naming your signature wedding cocktail after the day it all began is your chance to tell your favorite story over and over again. 

Your Alma Mater(s)



If you and your partner met while in college, or just attended the same one, show some school spirit by naming your signature cocktail after your alma mater! If you two went to different colleges, then craft separate signature cocktails named after each one and allow your guests to play favorites. For extra fun, ask your bartender to keep track of how many of each drink is ordered, and announce the reigning school at the end of the night. Who doesn’t love some good college rivalry?


An Iconic Memory 



You and your person speak a unique language, exclusive to only the two of you. You’ve shared an endless amount of memorable experiences, so why not name your signature ceremony sip after one of your favorites? You don’t have to pick the most romantic part of your relationship, either. Add some lightheartedness to your wedding day by selecting a cocktail name drawn from an inside joke, a hilarious mishap, or the wildest adventure you’ve ever had together.