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Real Bride Stories: Meet Jessica!

November 26, 2023

Every love story is a beautiful journey, and for Jessica Du Bois Sheth, her wedding day was a culmination of cherished moments, romance, and elegance! Graciously, she shared her joyous memories and stunning photos from her unforgettable day, wearing our 'Persephonie' gown. Read on for more details on her gorgeous wedding day! 



Jessica's wedding was a fusion of rustic glam and intimate charm, set against the backdrop of the Iron Gate and Dupont Circle Hotel. The couple curated an extraordinary experience for their guests with a specially crafted three-course family-style dinner and high-end cocktails. The decor, adorned with fall-colored flowers, taper candles, and touches of Hindu traditions like Henna, encapsulated their unique love story beautifully.


The 'Persephonie' gown from our collection (purchased from Global Bridal Gallery in Alexandria) perfectly complemented the evening wedding in Washington D.C. Jessica described the gown as lightweight, classy, and glamorous - fitting seamlessly with the ambiance and vibe of their celebration. It was love at first sight when she tried it on, solidifying her decision instantly! 



The moments captured by Danielle Towle of Danielle Towle Photography immortalized the essence of Jessica and Jay's special day. Among the cherished moments was their first dance to Adele's "One and Only," a song they discovered together and dedicated five weeks to perfecting - a testament to their commitment and love.


Reflecting on her wedding day, Jessica's favorite memory was sharing private moments with her husband amidst the busy day, capturing their love and connection through the lens of the camera.


To aspiring brides, Jessica shares invaluable advice: prioritize the bond between you and your partner amidst the wedding chaos. Ensuring the day's ease and joy by delegating tasks or hiring a coordinator can make a world of difference, allowing you to savor every moment without stress.



Martin Thornburg celebrates Jessica's story - a tale of love, dedication, and unique elegance captured in the 'Persephonie' gown. If Jessica's story resonates with you and you envision yourself in a Martin Thornburg masterpiece, find a store near you to discover your dream gown. Congratulations to the happy couple!