Real Brides and Their Furry Friends

April 21, 2022

Your wedding is the ultimate celebration of your love story. The best way to make your special day feel truly complete is by inviting every member of your family to join in on the fun,  — even the ones with four legs! Your pets have played an important role in your relationship, and we’re convinced that they understand what’s going on when you finally say, “I do!’



Beyond making an excellent ring bearer, your precious pet will look just dashing in a bowtie, and we have proof. Here are some of our real Martin Thornburg brides and their pets on their wedding day:



Real Bride Shelby



Bride: Shelby Bridges - @sbridges0117  
Photographer: @jessicasimonton



Real Bride Paula



Bride: Paula Simion @p.simion
Photographer: @allyandnicholas



Real Bride Ashely

Bride: Ashely White @ashmblanco

Photographer: @traversethetides



Real Bride Brianna



Bride: Brianna Planeta @briannaplaneta

Photographer: @kellyseaimages



Real Bride Nicole



Bride: @nicoooolina

Photographer: @aseaoflove



Real Bride JoJo 

Bride: @mydarlingjojo