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Silent Discos and Other Must-Know Social Distance Wedding Trends

August 21, 2020


It's time to get creative, y'all because the coronavirus is shifting how we approach weddings in 2020 entirely. Guests have to adhere to new safety guidelines that they've never had to deal with before like social distancing, wearing masks and consistently applying hand sanitizer. With all of these new COVID-19 rules swirling around your ceremony, you're probably wondering how to fit in a little bit of fun. Rest assured, we've been doing our research, and we're here to let you know that you can still keep up that celebratory vibe (even if it's from a distance).


Below - different ways for your guests to celebrate at a distance after you and your partner tie the knot. 


Silent Disco


This might not be the first idea that pops into your head when it comes to wedding reception trends, but the silent disco is steadily increasing in popularity since COVID-19 transformed the wedding industry. Not only can you ensure that all of your guests will be able to stay a safe distance away from each other as they tune into a DJ set through (sanitized) headphones, but silent discos also add a unique spin on the typical wedding after-party. Your guests will also appreciate the ingenuity and thoughtfulness regarding COVID-19 guidelines. 


Outdoor Games


Divide everyone up by table and start playing some classic outdoor games! Giant jenga is always a crowd-pleaser and never fails to incite a healthy dose of entertaining competition. If you want to keep it more low-key though, there's always cornhole or ladder golf to appease the masses. Whatever you decide on, these outdoor games are a chill way to let your guests partake in wedding day activities without compromising their safety. 



Intimate Acoustic Concert 


If you're one of those people who just doesn't see the appeal in wedding day games there's no need to worry - we get it. Mirror your relaxed vibe on your special day with a small acoustic concert from your favorite local musician or close friend. After all, live music can set a romantic tone unlike anything else, so why not embrace it with a low-key concert? Make your Champagne toast and have all of your favorite people gather in their assigned groups to listen to some of your favorite tunes. 


Wine Tasting 


Another alternative if you don't want to go the wedding day game route - wine tasting! This activity is especially fun if you have a smaller guest list (maybe around 10-15 people) so that you can all chat about your favorite wines. Call up your favorite local bar and ask if they have a sommelier they could recommend because why not go all-out bougie for your special day?