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The Age of Micro Weddings and Minimonies

June 16, 2020

 Say it louder for the people in the back!


Let's face it - weddings are evolving during the time of COVID-19; couples are being forced to push their ceremony dates back or cancel completely, making them totally re-think the approach to their wedding day. Due to these new restrictions as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic more and more couples are opting into throwing micro weddings and minimonies. 


What's the difference between a micro wedding and a minimony?


You're probably more familiar with the term "micro wedding" than "minimony," but we'll go ahead and explain both for your reference.


A micro wedding is a smaller, more intimate approach to the typical extravagant ceremony. The guest list doesn't normally climb over 50, and the budgets are usually less severe although some couples do choose to go all-out with their spending, only for fewer people. Micro weddings tend to follow the traditional format of a wedding, so if you're trying to elope, this ceremonial structure probably isn't for you. 


On the other hand, a minimony has 2 parts: a commitment ceremony with a guest list of about 10 people and then a sequel wedding that takes place further down the line. Minimonies are becoming a more popular option amongst couples during COVID-19 because it allows the couple to keep their original date with fewer guests as well as plan a bigger celebration in the future when safety restrictions are lifted. Minimonies are an ideal match for the couple that's eager to solidify their union and doesn't mind pushing off the bigger ceremony to a later date - truly a perfect compromise for the times of COVID-19. 


How do I know which option is best for me? 


That all depends on what your dream ceremony looks like. Do you mind having a smaller, more intimate gathering? Or are you set on the idea of throwing an unforgettable party to celebrate your love? 


If a smaller setting sounds preferable, then definitely opt for throwing a micro wedding. This way you still have a decent size guest list but aren't overwhelmed with booking a large-scale venue or providing enough food for everyone. You can structure your budget in such a way that allows you to add special touches that you might not have had the money to spend on 150+ people, like providing more elaborate meals or personalized notes to each of your guests. 


Or maybe there's absolutely no way you're not going to have the all-out wedding celebration of your dreams - trust us, we get it. If that's the case, then strike a compromise and go with a minimony! You'll get the best of both worlds: your original wedding date is preserved and then you eventually get to celebrate with anyone and everyone you had in mind. You can recreate pieces of your original ceremony plans at a smaller scale like reading off your handwritten vows, having your first dance in a small garden setting and cutting into your wedding cake. Then, you can amplify all of these intimate details at a future date!


Micro wedding and minimony inspiration: 



We love this cute and simple wedding cake because, let's be honest, we all could use a little humor at the moment. Plus, it still looks totally delicious! If you've decided on throwing a minimony, opt for a smaller wedding cake like this one to celebrate your original date and then go all-out on the one for your sequel wedding. 



This sweet rustic setup is the perfect match for micro weddings! While this reception is small, it finds its beauty in intricate and elegant details that feel just as luxurious as large-scale event. Discuss with your wedding planner your personal style and how to translate that into a smaller space.


A lot of the time, less really is more. 


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Photography by: Nathan Cowley