The Dos and Don'ts of Throwing a Beach Wedding Mobile Image

The Dos and Don'ts of Throwing a Beach Wedding

May 21, 2021

There’s so much to love about beach weddings: the cool breezes, the laid-back atmosphere, the vacation-like feeling your guests enjoy all weekend. We get why they’re such a popular choice—after all, who can say no to getting married with such a gorgeous backdrop? But when planning a beach wedding, there’s a lot of venue-specific details to consider to ensure your seaside nuptials go smoothly. For our beachy brides, read on below for our best dos (and don’ts!) when planning your beach wedding:


Do: Research the Weather



Almost all beach climates have a rainy season. Plan around this accordingly—you wouldn’t want to have your entire wedding planned, only to need to cancel or postpone for an imminent tropical storm. Choose a date at a time of year that’s less likely to have intense rain and winds that could affect your wedding plans or leave you (and your guests) stranded by travel delays. 

Don’t: Feel Boxed in by Theme



Beach weddings can often get boxed in by the idea you have to decorate with tropical-inspired colors and details, but this is not the case! Think of your decorating options the way you would any other venue: the beach gives you a stunning backdrop, but you don’t necessarily have to have beachy-themed decorations. Choose colors and décor that speak to your personal style!  

Do: Pack Smart



If you’re planning a destination wedding and need to fly to your venue, bring anything you need for the wedding with you as a carry-on. If your luggage (and god forbid, your dress) gets lost, you’ll want to have the necessities with you for your wedding to still go smoothly. Things like a toothbrush or a pair of flip flops can be replaced at the resort easily—your wedding dress or the groom’s ring? Not so much. 

Don’t: Forget Your Permits



Planning your wedding on a public beach? Be sure to look into local ordinances! If you’re planning on setting up an arbor, chairs, speakers, tent, you name it—more than likely you will need a permit from the local government. Have your permits taken care of ahead of time so that it’s one less thing to worry about!

Do: Have A Backup Plan



While you’ve likely planned around hurricane or monsoon season, you may still experience unexpected rain. Have a backup plan in place just in case! The easiest way to do this is by planning a reception that is both indoors and outdoors—not only will you and your guests enjoy a bit of respite from the heat, but it gives you an easy option in case of rain. Something as simple as a clear tent or a covered patio could be perfect for ensuring everything goes according to plan. 



Don’t: Ignore Your Guests’ Comfort



While beautiful, beach weddings are often usually hot as well, so bear that in mind when planning. If you’re getting married at sunset, the weather should cool down enough for you to stay outdoors comfortably, but if you’re getting married at midday, you may want to offer an indoor cocktail hour for guests to cool off afterwards. It’s also a great idea to offer fun favors that will keep guests comfortable: think paper fans, flip flops (perfect if you’re getting married on the sand and you’ve got guests in heels!), sunscreen—anything that will make their day easier so that they can better celebrate you.