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Ways to Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

July 02, 2021

Between the paper goods, food waste, flowers, and more, it’s no shock that weddings are often fairly wasteful—and with rising awareness of climate change, we find more and more brides looking for ways to make their big day better for the Earth. While you by no means need to skimp on the celebration—after all, it is your wedding—there’s plenty of ways to lower your carbon footprint and make the celebration everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Read on for some of the easiest ways to throw a more green wedding:


Choose Venue Wisely



An easy way to cut down on waste? Choose a venue that’s got plenty of natural beauty, so that you don’t need to add much decor for it to create a breathtaking backdrop to say “I do” in front of. Not only will you create less waste with your decor, but you’ll have surroundings you never could’ve accomplished with decorations alone! 


Limit Single-Use Paper and Plastic



A huge contributor to wedding industry waste, the single-use plates, cups, and cutlery used throughout your wedding day can easily be replaced with china. If your venue doesn’t offer their own china, your caterer will be able to tell you where you can rent some. Another benefit of this—you can find a truly unique china pattern to fit the overall tone of your wedding, giving you a perfect detail during the reception. 


Stay Local



When choosing your flowers, do some research on what blooms grow locally and which season they’ll be best. Your florist can work with you to choose gorgeous, local blooms. We love the sentimentality of using plants native to your location, truly incorporating your locale into your wedding seamlessly. 


Have a Plan for Food and Flower Waste



After the wedding, food and floral waste can add up quick. Have a plan for what to do after the wedding. Look into composting your food waste or donating uneaten food to a local shelter, rather than all of your excess food going straight to the trash. Same with the flowers—after the wedding, you can donate your flowers to a nursing home or hospital for patients to enjoy, or you can lets guests take flowers home as a favor. 


Use Compostable Invitations



Looking to cut down on paper waste? Replace your invitations! You could opt for an electronic invitation, but we get it if you’re not keen on the idea—older family members may not know to check, and you don’t want invites getting lost in clogged inboxes. Instead, find compostable paper to print your invitations on. Online businesses are offering compostable and even plantable seed paper options for invitations, perfect for cutting down on paper waste!


Find Reusable Decor



Instead of purchasing decor you’ll throw out once the wedding’s over, find decorations you’ll use again in your own home. Loveseats and chairs used at the wedding can become functional furniture in your home, giving you a lovely reminder of your wedding in your home. 


Use Biodegradable Confetti



For your wedding exit, instead of using traditional confetti, rice, or sparklers, all of which add to your wedding’s environmental impact, opt for a biodegradable confetti or dried flower petals. You’ll still get the joy of a confetti shower, but with a more eco-friendly option.