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Wedding Cakes for Every Wedding Aesthetic

November 22, 2021

Your wedding cake is one of the central details of your reception. Not only is it the main dessert offered, but the cake is often in the center of everything, making it a key decor element as well. Finding a cake to suit your wedding’s overall style is important, so we’re sharing cakes we love to give you all the wedding cake inspo you need. 




For traditional weddings, there’s nothing like a simple, classic white cake. We love that this cake features modern bridal design elements, with its simple look and oversized, statement bow detail. The concept of matching your cake to your dress is perfect for brides who want something that seamlessly fits their wedding vision. 




For boho brides searching for the perfect out-of-the-box wedding cake, you’ll love this gorgeous rainbow of earth tones. Flower petals cover the cake, giving it a breathtaking range of colors and creating a truly unique look. You don’t have to use green and neutrals, either—you can alter this design to match your bridal color palette. 




When you want something simple and minimalistic that’s still got a hint of detail, this two-tier white cake is perfect. Subtle texture in the icing gives the cake visual interest, without interrupting the minimal style of the cake. For the bride who wants a nice cake that will blend into her reception, this is it. 




Planning a bold, trendy wedding reception with a high-end look? This all white wedding cake features striking, sculptural details that give the cake a standout look. Not only will you get a wedding cake, but a piece of art that will add to the stylish look of your reception decor. 




Are you a modern bride torn between sleek minimalism and free-spirited boho styles? This cake effortlessly combines both, adding succulents to a minimalist cake to create a blended aesthetic that works perfectly at modern weddings. Hints of gold throughout the cake’s decorations elevate the cake, adding a touch of glamour to the design.