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Pavlova Dessert

Pavlova Dessert

October 29, 2019

We stumbled upon this beautiful, sweet treat on Pinterest and needed to know more! If you aren't familiar with a pavlova, it is a meringue based dessert that is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. It is crispy on the outside and soft and airy on the inside. Most often topped with fresh berries and whipped cream, we've also found some delicious variations of the pavlova dessert that look and sound incredible! They almost look to pretty to eat and would make quite a unique and eye catching wedding dessert! above photo: raspberry and dark chocolate mini pavlova stacks via Donal Skehan

 ~ we ❤ this! moncheribridals.com

with fresh berries via Dasha Caffrey Photography mini wedding dessert ~ we ❤ this! moncheribridals.com
with whipped cream and raspberries via The Hungry Australian  ~ we ❤ this! moncheribridals.com
blackberry kiwi via Cooking LSL  ~ we ❤ this! moncheribridals.com
with blueberry jam via A Beatufiul Mess  ~ we ❤ this! moncheribridals.com
with blueberry ice cream via Klitzekleine  ~ we ❤ this! moncheribridals.com
topped with salted caramel via Pretty Eats  ~ we ❤ this! moncheribridals.com
bananas foster over vanilla bean pavlova  ~ we ❤ this! moncheribridals.com
the finishing touch on an ice cream cone!