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What You Need to Know in Order to Throw a Successful Corona Wedding

August 13, 2020


Throwing a successful wedding is already overwhelming, but when you add a global pandemic into the mix, the stress can be next-level. From ever-evolving safety guidelines to planning a wedding that may look quite different from what you originally imagined, tying the knot in the midst of COVID-19 comes with an annoying amount of complications. However, that doesn't mean you can't have an intimate ceremony that's both beautiful and unique to your own love story. 


Below - 6 steps to ensure that your corona wedding is successful so you're not longing for that large-scale ceremony that could've been. 


1. Make it personal.

Ok, so you've decided that you're going to have a corona wedding. The big question on your mind is more than likely: how can I make my small ceremony feel just as special as a wedding under normal circumstances? The answer: make it extra personal. Did you and your fiancé meet at a concert? Make sure that band you fell in love to is on your wedding day playlist. Did you hit it off over mini golf? Create a small mini golf course for you and your guests to play after you tie the knot. Making your wedding memorable is all about staying true to who you are as a couple. 



2. Be clear on safety guidelines.

More than likely, your guests have yet to attend a wedding during COVID-19, so it's especially important to inform them of the safety precautions you'd like them to practice at your ceremony. This should include expectations on mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing - the more information they have before the wedding, the better!


3. Practice extra hygiene. 

This step is key to throwing a successful corona wedding! If your ceremony dinner and some after-ceremony activities, make sure to have someone wiping down tables and ensuring anything people might be touching has been sanitized. You could even include small bottles of hand sanitizer where your guests will be sitting (but make sure they look cute!). 


4. If you can hire a wedding planner - do it. 

You probably think you can handle planning your wedding on your own, but we're here to tell you that now's not the time to be an overachiever. Just because your guest list isn't as large and the wedding venue is less extravagant doesn't mean that everything will go as planned on your wedding day. Hiring a wedding planner will ensure that your wedding day vision will come to life smoothly and successfully as well as grant you general peace of mind on your big day. However, we understand if wedding planning isn't in your budget, but make sure to study up before venturing into the world of event organizing. 


5. Consider hiring a small band. 

This might not be your first priority when planning your wedding, but having a small band play at your ceremony will add a level of ambiance that just can't be matched! A simple guitar or small string ensemble will pair perfectly with any ceremony and make the night feel that much more romantic. 



6. Let go of expectations.

This is not the time to dwell on the past! If you've decided to throw a wedding during COVID-19, there are certain aspects of normal wedding ceremonies you'll have to let go of, including large amounts of guests and over-the-top receptions. But don't let these safety requirements bum you out - yes, your wedding will be smaller, but it will also be filled with the people that know and love you best. An intimate ceremony will allow you and your partner to tie the knot in a more authentic and personal setting - something you might've missed out on if you were only focused on throwing an extravagant party!


Header image credit: Jeremy Wong Weddings