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Bridal Necklines

November 05, 2021

One of the biggest design elements of your wedding dress is the neckline. All the details on the bodice are designed around it, and it’s the main structure that frames your face. Finding a neckline that suits your personal style is key, so it’s good to know the differences between each!





The sweetheart neckline is completely iconic, and is known as one of the most classic bridal necklines. Soft and feminine, this neckline looks like the top of a heart—hence the name. The rounded shape highlights your collarbone and chest, and is perfect for brides who want a romantic look. 





Simple and chic, the v-neck is exactly what it sounds like: a simple v-shape. This neckline is perfect for women who want something modern and simple with a slightly sultry look. The v-neck is much edgier than the sweetheart neckline, so if you’re wanting a bit of an edge to your dress, this neckline is it. 





This neckline features a carefully crafted, continuous line between the sleeves, which sit outside of the shoulder, and the top of the bodice. This shape gives the dress effortless elegance, and is perfect for brides who want something with a romantic feel. 





For the modern bride, the square neckline is perfect. The bold, square shape creates a geometric look that suits both intricate lace and sleek designs. Instantly adding a modern touch to your gown, the neckline creates a bold structure for your dress that gives you plenty of room to accessorize. 





For brides who want a sexy touch on their wedding dress, the plunging neckline is perfect. This shape usually combines a traditional neckline, like v-neck, plunging, or off-the-shoulder, with a deep plunge in the center that exaggerates the shape and gives your dress a sultry look. 





Another hybrid neckline, the illusion neck combines one neckline (most commonly, sweetheart), with a sheer overlay that rises to a high neck. Usually done with lace, this neckline is perfect for brides who want a vintage-inspired look on their wedding day.