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You’ve always appreciated a good pocket in your day-to-day clothes, so why not embrace that practicality in your wedding dress? The pockets in these wedding dresses from Martin Thornburg are designed to fit perfectly into the fabric of a ball gown skirt or more form-fitting silhouette like a fit and flare gown, so you don’t have to worry about them looking bulky on your wedding day. And honestly, we just made post-ceremony selfies wayyy easier for you. Browse wedding dresses with pockets from Martin Thornburg below:

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Claire | #120243

Martin Thornburg

Cadence | #120244

Martin Thornburg

Carol | #219209F

Martin Thornburg

Aretha | #219217

Traditional Strapless Gown with Sweetheart Neckline

Olivia | #218228

Flattering Satin Gown with Halter Neckline and Pockets

Marcela | #120255

Martin Thornburg

119252W | #119252W

Classic With a Twist Lace, Satin and Tulle Gown, Plus Size

Fiona | #119264A

Breathtaking Satin Ball Gown with Cut-Out Floral Motifs

Fiona Grace | #119264B

Minimalist Sleeveless Satin Ball Gown with Spaghetti Straps

Carol | #219209

Bold Strapless Satin Ball Gown

Aretha | #219217F

Martin Thornburg

Valerio | #MTL22004

Martin Thornburg

Wedding Dresses with Pockets from Martin Thornburg

There’s a lot of little things that you need to keep track of on your wedding day - your lipstick, your cellphone, maybe even some tissues just to be safe - and that’s why these wedding dresses with pockets from Martin Thornburg are your saving grace. Gone are the antiquated days of worrying about where you left your purse. With this selection of wedding dresses with pockets, you can have all of your little necessities right by your side, giving you one less thing to worry about on your big day. Do yourself a favor and wear one of these wedding dresses with pockets from Martin Thornburg as you dance the night away with loved ones by your side.


Perks of wearing a wedding dress with pockets from Martin Thornburg:

Trust us, there are so many! First of all, you can keep your favorite lipstick and even a little handheld mirror in the pockets of your wedding dress so that you can touch up your makeup at any time. And, as we mentioned above, there’s plenty of room to put your cellphone in the pockets so that you can keep it close for those selfies you know you’ll want to take after you say “I do.” You could even keep a photo of a loved one near to your side if you wanted to! The possibilities are kind of endless when it comes to these wedding dresses with pockets from Martin Thornburg.


Our favorite wedding dresses with pockets from Martin Thornburg's Spring 2020 collection:

Where to start! This Spring 2020 season, we’re really loving Martin Thornburg’s ball gown wedding dress, Marcela. Perfect for the bride-to-be who wants to create her fairytale moment, Marcela features a regal satin full skirt with a beautiful curved v-neckline, and, yes, pockets that you wouldn’t even know were there. Cadence from Martin Thornburg has also caught our eye. Less dramatic than Marcela but still striking in it’s own way, Cadence is a satin ball gown wedding dress with a sheer lace bodice and pockets you know you’re going to want.


You're not dreaming - practicality meets breathtaking bridal style in these wedding dresses with pockets from Martin Thornburg.